Camoro CMO-H119

Camoro CMO-H119


Camoro Smart helmet construction communication walkie talkie two way radio wireless radio talkie

H-119M: transparent protective cover, windproof, dustproof, fireproof, protect the face;

H-119G: fire-proof shawl for firefighters, (optional, side view)

It's function: Protection, intercom, attendance, outdoor ultra-high, low temperature operation warning, GPS positioning, vibration

The radio features :
1. Hidden intercom system ,group call,single call ,release hands
2. Built-in high power speaker ,suitable for all kinds of complex environment
3. Original touch PTT button
4. Noise-canceling microphone ,rejecting noise .
5. Double light flashlight
6. One-button pressing emergency distress signal
7. Original creation RFID attendance system
8. Outdoor ultra high temperature /low temperature operation warning

  • Frequency range

    136-174mhz ,400-480mhz

  • Rated voltage


  • Frequency channel

    250*2 channels(Dual Standby )

  • Waterproof