Camoro CMO-47

Camoro CMO-47

SKU: CMO47-0001

2019 two way radion 10w high power long talking range 10km walkie talkie two way walking talking phone radio para carro


1. 16 CHANNELS 15 channels plus one scanning channel are selectable.

2. CTCSS / DCS  Built-in CTCSS / DCS Encoder/Decoder for repeater selective calling.

3. TRANSMISSION PROHIBITED ON BUSY CHANNEL The function of prohibiting transmission on busy channel is present to avoid interfering other ongoing communication.

4. AUTO POWER-SAVING  Automatic power saving can be preset by programming software.

5. TOT(time-out-timer) CONTROL Time-out-timer function can stop the transmitting automatically by presetting a time limit to avoid any damage caused by long-time continuous transmission.

6. PC PROGRAMMABLE  Frequency and other functions can be preset by PC programming software.

7. SET SQUELCH LEVEL THROUGH PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE  Set squelch level through programming software ,so can avoid noise.

  • Dimensions



  • Storage Channel


  • Frequency Stability

    2.5 Ppm

  • Feature

    Meet IP-67

  • Battery type

    Li-ion Battery 2800mAh

  • Frequency Range



  • Talk Range


  • Output Power


  • Operating Voltage

    7.4V Li-ion