Camoro CMO-DMR49

Camoro CMO-DMR49

SKU: CMO49-0001

Cheap Radio Two Way Radio UHF Walkie Talkie Most Powerful Long Range Walkie Talkie 20km 15 km 10km Range

1. On a permitted frequency, DMR radio can obtain double calling capacities by means of TDMA technology.

2. Supporting both analogue and digital working modes, and realizing a stable switch between both modes.

3. Prolonging battery life. Compared with analogue and DPMR radio, the battery life between two charging cycles for TDMA digital radio is best, max up to 40%.

4. Integrated voice and data, not only improve the work efficiency, but also support multiple applications.

5. Able to define side keys to facilitate users to visit some common functions.

6. Voice prompt (for digital and analogue mode) and visual LED color indicator (Blue referes to digital mode; Green refere to analogue mode) make operation easier and facile.

7. To use digital vocoder AMBE+2 to ensure excellent audio quality. Whatever in kinds of environment, it could provide clearer sound quality than analogue radio.

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  • Digital+Analog


    dual mode

  • TDMA technology


    AMBE+2 digital vocoder