Camoro CMO-EH1

Camoro CMO-EH1

SKU: EH-0001

Camoro 2020 New Handsfree Bluetooth Earhook walkie talkie two way radio Hotel Restaurant Hands Free small Mini Walkie Talkie

How to use your walkie talkie well?
1. Recharging walkie-talkie for the first time, please charge more than 16 hours;

2. Turn off your walkie talkie before removing the battery;
3. Don't hold the antenna, hold the antenna will affect the effective wireless intercom call range;
4. Keep your face and walkie talkie away of 5.0 to 7.0 cm while using the walkie-talkie;
5. Use handsfree speaker and the closing words while driving;
6. Walkie-talkies may interfere with some hearing aids, discuss alternatives with your hearing aid manufacturer before using walkie talkies;
7. Turn off walkie talkie while using medical equipment, so as not to affect the use of medical equipment;
8. Do not use walkie talkie in airports or on aircraft;
9. Shut down walkie talkie in potentially explosive areas unless it is dedicated intercom;
  • Type

    EARHOOK, Earhook mini walkie talkie

  • Frequency Range


  • Talk Range

    0.5km, 500 meters

  • Feature

    Small mini

  • Radio Type


    two way radio mini walkie talkie

  • Dimensions


  • Storage Channel


    16 channels

  • Battery capacity



  • Function